Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Lovely Things!

Don't you just love flappers? These three lovelies are sexy, elegant and glamorous, no?

Here are three other lovely things from that era that I thought were not only special, but just plain fun!

Timeless Vixen has some of the best vintage clothing around, and this piece is no exception. The intricate cocktail dress is covered in metallic silver beaded fringe over an ivory French silk chiffon underlining, and features diamond cutouts and a scalloped hem, a common motif of the Art Deco period. What an exquisite piece to collect or how fabulous for a very chic bride?

I stumbled upon this seller, The Little Sister, and was blown away by her awesome shop of vintage items. When I saw this stunning rhinestone and mirror headband, I knew I had to include it in this post! This dazzling 1920's piece is full of fire to light up a blushing brides face, and is just one of several unique styles of headpieces she offers.

Today, we might not even think of wearing stockings, but a woman of this time would certainly have worn them! These are made of luxurious silk with seams up the back, of course, and and were made for Marshall Field's. My Great Grandmother Maude worked for them in Chicago...I wonder if she wore these...? From Maybe 157.

Be a Little Jazzy Today!

--Lee Ann


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this period of fashion. These ladies were quite rebellious, yet managed to remain feminine. I'm currently reading Dorothy Parker short stories, and your images added some pictures in my mind to Ms. Parker's words.

BTW, I added your blog's link to my blog because it is so well done!

Carla said...

HI French Blue, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog and so happy to have found yours.. So much wonderful vintage inspiration and the photos are great. Carla

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Thank you fr an amazing post! I love everything 20-s and I think it was one of the most inspirational periods in the history of Fashion. :-))) I have sevral flapper dresses of that era in my closet and every time I wear the I get so many complements!:-)I hope 2011 had a wonderful start for you. :-) I am looking forward to another year of friendship with you and another year of visiting your beautiful Blog!

Fay said...

great fun lee Ann ,I love wearing stockings1 xx