Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fabulous Fur Find!

Regardless if you choose to be a "fabulously faux" or a "real-deal" girl, you can't deny that the look has been everywhere this season, from the runways to the streets! You can wear it Bo-Ho Chic with jeans. You can wear it Old Money with a wool crepe Chanel pencil skirt. You can wear it with ski pants while sipping hot buttered rum in front of the fireplace at a ski resort!

If you are going to wear real fur, however, may I suggest you do it with a vintage piece? I know everyone has an opinion on this, but there are so many great vintage options available out there, we don't even really have to have this conversation! You can have the luxury of genuine fur, and still be kind to our animal friends!

Look what I found...

This vest really does prove that everything comes back in style if you hang on to it long enough! This is a vintage 1960's Revillon Paris for Saks Fifth Avenue piece in beautiful beaver fur, silver tipped in color with a golden base. For me, this is the way to wear fur! From Antique Dress.

Have FUN with Fur Today!

--Lee Ann


Casa Bella said...

I LOOOOOVE that 1960's piece! Elegance never goes out of style. Tres chic.

Anonymous said...

I love my vintage fur car coat from the 1950's I inherited from my mother's aunt. I'd rather wear a vintage piece than faux, and of course I'd rather wear nothing (but not naked!) than a new fur piece. It's mostly an animal rights thing, but also the quality is questionable in contemporary pieces.

Los Angeles Maids said...

I like the vest made from animal fur. It really seems to be elegant! And it is well suited for the season.