Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making A Beautiful Exit!

Here's some food for thought...or should I say, fashion for thought...

How often do we really think about how we look from behind? Is the look flattering? Does it make a dramatic statement of delightful surprise when we are walking away? I think this look leaves them wanting more even after you've left the a lovely lingering fragrance!

This Christian Dior wedding gown, available from Maison Lilac, certainly does just that! In my years of working with brides who worry about their weight during this time more than any other, I found that they sometimes thought an accent placed here was unbecoming. Although sometime wide, horizontal bows can create width just were we don't want it, pretty detail at the back can add feminine and unexpected loveliness.

Leave Them Wanting More!

--Lee Ann

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Fay said...

exquisite fay x

Casa Bella said...

Dior fashion is my absolute favorite. So feminine, soft, ethereal, gorgeous and fabulous all around. I love, love these two images! Wow.

Frenchy said...

Gorgeous ! Thanks for linking up !