Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Would Marie Antoinette Do?

What elaborate mask would Marie Antoinette wear to the Halloween Masquerade Ball tonight?

Why, this lovely gold Venetian one with a shock of blue feathers at the top, of course! (From Morning Dove on etsy)

Have a Ball at the Masquerade Tonight!

--Lee Ann

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday Planner #6

Host a Handbag Swap!

Now, some friends get together during the holidays to do a cookie swap. You know, you invite 11 friends, everyone brings 12 dozen Christmas cookies, everyone swaps a dozen at a time, so you get to take home 12 dozen different, Barefoot Contessa beautiful, Paula Deen delicious, and Martha Stewart packaged, cookies!

Well, not my group of girlfriends! OK, we might serve cookies, but they will be in fun shapes of shoes, purses, rings. Oh, yeah. And there's cocktails! We are much more into fun friend had a scarf swap last year, and you could do any theme...earrings, fragrance,wine...whatever. Wouldn't a handbag swap be fun! Let's see...what could we bring...

How about this lovely Louis Vuitton bucket bag from Louise 49. Tell me, who doesn't love a good Louis...and this one is so functional, too! Did you know these were first made to carry champagne bottles...hmmmm!

I love this fur trimmed suede Chanel. I will own a Chanel bag one day, I say! This one is from Bearly Art Treasures. This would be so great with all the fur this season!

This cute Gucci from Annie Bear Vintage is another functional, but great looking bag, don't you think? I love the real bamboo handle and toggles!

Ms Rice n Beans offers this croc bag from Dior. It's vintage 1970's. Cute!

Plan a Fun Holiday Swap Party!
--Lee Ann

Friday, October 29, 2010

Showstopping Shoulder Dusters!

Beautiful bare shoulders, smoothed back hair, and perfectly applied make-up are the ingredients to the fabulous formula of wearing shoulder duster and chandelier earrings successfully!

The incomparable Miss Dita Von Teese in the most divine earrings I do believe I have ever seen! This image, regardless of your opinion of her, you must admit, is simply stunning!

Now, let's go shopping for some baubles for your delicate little ears, shall we?

From Nouveau Motley comes this 1940's version of Victorian dangles. These are decorated with faux seed pearls and lovely dark topaz colored rhinestones.

Fou Patou offers these true shoulder dusters. At 6 inches long, these statement makers from India are actually quite lightweight, but make a big impact with their vibrant colored stones.

Here is a lovely pair of jewel toned chandeliers from Kenneth Jay Lane. This man, who has designed for celebrities and royals, really knows how to make dramatic jewelry! These are available from Papillon Daze.

This etsy seller, Chantclair, has some fabulous jewelry in her store. I loved every single piece, but these rhinestone stunners from the 40's are my absolute favorites in her shop!

The perfect color for fall is this lovely orange crystal in a dangle made of gold plating over sterling. These are from Taneesi Jewelry.

Amethyst colored rhinestone in a vine pattern adorn these pretty baubles from the 1950's. They are available from Atticville.

Wear Your Prettiest Dangles Today!

--Lee Ann

Holiday Planner #5

Golden Glitter!

(Photo via The Bottom of the Ironing Basket)

I couldn't resist sharing a few really great things I found today, all glittered and gold! Even a simple black cashmere sweater and pencil skirt are turned into the perfect holiday look with these sparkling items accessorizing them!

Many years ago, a fabulous fashion maven I admired taught me to wear my brooches high on my shoulder to "light up my face", she said. This one would be equally lovely pinned to an evening bag or highlighting a sash at the waist. From Abigail Prada.

I own several evening bags that my mother carried in the 1960's, and I still use them today. This one, from Bettys World 4U, is encrusted with sequins and beads and would make an excellent "go-to" bag for almost any dressy occasion.

Huge cocktail rings are so hot right now, and you wouldn't want to go through the holidays without a smashing one like this one from Kiamichi7.

This item is just a real's not only a beautiful powder compact purchased in Paris in the 1950's, but the real surprise comes when you open the lid! It is actually a music box inside! Wow! Talk about special! It's available on etsy from Tracy Burton 1009.

Get Ready to Shine This Holiday Season!

--Lee Ann

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Would Marie Antoinette Do?

What would Marie Antoinette wear under her new lilac silk ballgown?

Why these lovely matching bloomers with layers and layers of lace ruffles , of course!

( From Cricket Capers on etsy)

Wear Pretty Lingerie Today!

--Lee Ann
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Beautiful Boudoir!

Who wouldn't want a bedroom like this to dream and feel glamorous in? Here's some fun things to help you get there...

From My Paris Roses is this dramatic, vintage caned bed decorated with bar bola bows and swags. I am in love with the curved foot board!

Every girl needs a pretty tray for eating breakfast in bed! This little cutie is available on etsy from Jodys ReCreations.

This is a piece that is beyond incredible. It's from the 1910's and is a Battenburg cutout lace jacket from Timeless Vixen. This is a real collector's piece if you are into vintage fashion! Wouldn't this make a beautiful bed jacket?

What a pretty slip dress this is to wear in the boudoir! It's available from Orange Woody, and has the most delicate crystal pleating detail with the prettiest rosette and feather pin!

You can always wear feathers in your hair with these gorgeous vintage clips with sparkling rhinestones, from Ayla Creations. So perfect for a bride, too!

Feel Beautiful Today!
--Lee Ann

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Would Marie Antoinette Do?

Where would Marie Antioinette store her favorite "unmentionables" when not in use?
Why, in this lovely quilited satin lingerie box embellished with bits of lace, silk rosettes and pearls, of course!
(From Stefs Cottage 72 on etsy)

Take Your Pretty Lingerie Out of Hiding Today!

--Lee Ann

Monday, October 25, 2010

Audrey Hepburn in Zebra!

Audrey photographed by Cecil Beaton...was there ever anyone lovelier?

Vintage zebra hat available on etsy from Netties Attic.

Wear Your Favorite Hat Today!

--Lee Ann

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Silhouettes and Pink Chairs!

(Photo source unknown)

Silhouettes from Recycled Wares.

Tufted pink chairs from Painted Cottages.

Happy Sunday!
--Lee Ann

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Would Marie Antoinette Do?

What elaborate hat would Marie Antoinette wear to the ballet?

Why, the one made from these vintage Russian toe shoes in the palest shade of ballet pink, of course!

(From Sunnybrook Farm Design on etsy)

Wear a Pretty Hat Today!

--Lee Ann

Friday, October 22, 2010

Enchanting Elizabeth!

Isn't this image of Elizabeth Taylor just stunning? Such a classic, timeless beauty...with a little vixen thrown in just for fun!

(Photo via My Vintage Vogue)

Emerald silk-satin 1950's cocktail dress from Timeless Vixen.

White Arctic Fox stole from Moon Age.

Rhine-stone chandelier earrings from Mademoiselle Chipotte.

Star in Your Own Movie Today!

--Lee Ann

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mariah's Closet!

We can all steal just a little magic from Miriah Carey's closet! Just a few little things to make our personal space feel like a diva's dressing room!

Dress Like a Diva Today!

--Lee Ann

What Would Marie Antoinette Do?

What would Marie Antoinette choose for her little baby prince to wear on his precious royal head?

Why, this antique baby bonnet handmade of silk and lace, of course!

Buy Your Favorite Baby Something Special Today!

--Lee Ann

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Costume Closet!

Prima Ballerina!

(Photo Source Unknown)

Do you dream of being a prima ballerina for just one night? Why not be one this year on All Hallows Eve. What fun to be a pretty, feminine character in a sea of scary, ghoulish ones!
From llpvintage is this 1950's party dress covered in ruffled tulle in the softest pink blush. How fun to dance the night away in this tutu-like dress!

You could stay on the
dance floor all night in
these little ombre toned
flats with little rosettes
embellishing the toes.
From Sheena Satana, you could wear them with your skinny jeans later! Fun!

Dance a Little Today!

--Lee Ann

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Would Marie Antoinette Do?

What writing instruments would Marie Antoinette use on her burled and ormolu desk to keep up her correspondence?

Why this dazzling six piece quill and calligraphy collection, of course!

(The Vintage Corner Shop)

Pen a Lovely Note to Someone Today!

--Lee Ann