Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pink and Grey!

Here is a pretty color combination that always makes me smile! I recall years ago coveting a beautiful argyle sweater in yummy cashmere that was just this color combo. It was way out of my price range as a young Mom of a little boy, but I've always remembered how much I was attracted to this duo! Just look how pleasing the soft pale palette of the roses looks with silver serving pieces!

Glamorously feminine is one way to describe this dazzling duo of colors! I could eat this vintage jewelry set like a confection! The round swirl brooch and ear clips ensemble by Sherman is in mint condition with bursts of sparkling rhinestones and would make any lady very happy on Valentine's Day, don't you think? From Glitzy Things.

Wear Your Favorite Color Combination Today!

--Lee Ann


Casa Bella said...

Oh yes! I love this color combo! I was actually thinking last week of doing a post about this (starting creating the inspiration board but run of our...well..inspiration). I love the images. And yes, an argyle sweater in pink and gray would be fabulous! Love this post. Take care.

Frenchy said...

Gorgeous ! Talking about you on my blog !

janetross said...

I love these colours - they look divine together!