Thursday, September 30, 2010

Holiday Planner #1

It's never too early to start thinking about holiday! Shopping, decorating and party planning are just a few of the things we need to anticipate early, especially in these times. But we can still have a little fun in the meantime, and maybe even find a little lovely thing or two to make this season extra special! Surely you have at least one party to attend, and if not, why not plan on hosting one! This photo is a great place to start for a little glamorous, vintage inspiration!

( Photo via My Vintage Vogue)

Every girl needs to have had one memorable red dress in her life! This could be it for some lucky lady! From the 1950's, this silk chiffon gown flatters the figure with its Grecian asymmetrical draping. This gown is really a stunner, and because it's handmade, you'll be the only one at your event in anything like it! From Jackie D Retro Boutique. Dresses like this are why I just love vintage!

For an unexpected accessory, why not carry this hand painted fan. This one is extra special with it's embellishing and black hanging tassel. I guess your escort will just have to carry your lipstick in his pocket! I love the sellers name, too. Go check her out at Boudoir Barbie.

These are quite special black, opera length gloves! Unlike most styles out there, these are 1960's vintage Kay Fuchs, from Germany and are detailed with three black faceted beaded buttons on the inside of each wrist. Even the seller, Vintage Starr Beads, says they are pristine and are "holiday ready"!

Your just can't really make a mistake with these classic pearl drop earrings. Available from Forever Andrea, these have the added glitz of sparkling rhinestones to light up your perfectly applied holiday make up.

Wrapping paper in shiny silver, double-faced red satin ribbon, Perfume for Mom, cashmere robe for my sweetie, champagne, caviar! I need to make a list!

Now where did I lay my pen?......

--Lee Ann

( Photo and inkwell via The Paris Apartment)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pearls and Fur!

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but for me, pearls and fur come in second and third! Soft, feminine and totally decadent...what a wonderful way to look for an upcoming holiday gala!

Vintage pieces are a wonderful way to enjoy the luxury of fur and still be kind to our animal friends. There is plenty of it out there to meet the consumer demand. I found this lovely fox wrap on Etsy from Purrfect Past
and think this would be devine over just about any party dress!

I also found this amazing twisted pearl choker and earring set on Etsy. The seller, Boylerpf ,has other cool jewelry in their store. This set is Italian and embellished with interesting gold and rhinestone accents.

What will you be wearing this season?
--Lee Ann

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Series Post: Furniture and Fashion #1

There's nothing I love more than these two things! In this series of posts, I wanted to combine my passion for these favorites by showing how these two industries make use of the other to show off their merchandise. These images create moods that can transport the onlooker to other places, other dimensions! There is nothing that shows off haute couture like a glamorous backdrop of a classic fine interior. Furniture and Fashion just go together like...well, like Audrey and Tiffany's. Like strawberries and champagne. Like red roses and love.

(Photo via The Paris Apartment)

This amazing gown is from Dior's Couture collection several seasons ago. It's origami-inspired bodice sits atop a full ball skirt with a train made of yards and yards of tulle. It's such an over-the-top piece of art that it looks almost in scale to this giant Louis chair! Although this is a larger than life photo, it really works to show off the dream-like image.This picture makes my heart beat just a little bit faster!

You can star in your own fabulous fashion shoot with items from these sellers:

13 Bees offers this stunning gown from the 1950's. The strapless bodice is embellished with embroidery highlighted by silver beads, and the skirt is make of layers of gathered tulle.

Then go check out this incredible vintage Louis XVI chair from Claudia at The Paris Apartment. It is covered in the most delicious french blue velvet. And the best's one of a pair!

In love with these!

--Lee Ann

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book Love!

When the weather starts to change into it's Autumn briskness, it makes me want to get out and enjoy every moment of the sun's warmth. I want to get in every last flea and farmer's market, antique and book shop hunt before it's too cold. I love gathering up wonderful old books to stack next to my bed and plan fall and winter reading hours there. I have so many books now that I need to give away, sell or donate, and I even try at times to avoid old and used book vendors, but to no avail. I can always find just one more fabulous vintage book on entertaining, gardening, or fashion. My last found treasure was a delightful, mostly pictorial, book on the Queen Mother. The cover was so pretty, with Her Majesty in a soft yellow floor length gown accessorized with all her royal jewels, I just couldn't help myself. Besides, for $5, it was cheaper than a new pair of shoes and less fattening than a latte!

I love the whole ceremony of reading: a hot cup of tea in a pretty cup and saucer atop my silver tea warmer;a delicate beaded bookmark, bookplates with my name in calligraphy! Here a just a few fun "book accessories" to enjoy!

Instead of the expected leather or canvas book bag, why not carry this lovely tote made from a vintage velvet carpet? The seller's Mother is a European trained seamstress and made this bag extra strong to carry the heaviest of books. Even the inside is lined in red satin.
From Stock Exchange.

I love this antique book cover. Originally from the 1890's, this gem is made of ruby and emerald velvet, and one of the owners is said to have kept her letters in it. I wonder if they were love letters? How romantic! Available from Jolly Time One.

Blended Splendid offers this set of three cloisonne butterfly bookmarks. Wouldn't these be a charming addition to a satin bow atop the gift of a gardening book?

A classic rose design decorates the top of this sterling silver bookmark. What a pretty way to treat yourself while reading the latest romance novel! This vendor also has lots of great jewelry to peruse in their store...Decorating Yourself.

For something more contemporary, you may prefer this cool stainless steel bookmark. It's was designed by the famous Georg Jenson and is really retro glamorous! Visit Mascara Jones to see more really unique items.

In Ode To June's Etsy store you can find these cast marble bookends for your shelf of favorite books. The dancing maidens on each piece add charm to any library.

More pretty ladies dancing on these bookends, this time in soft colors muted from the past and trimmed in burnished gold. I think these are just charming and you can get them from another Etsy shop called At Home In Napa.

Although these planters are not actually bookends, the seller, Claudette's Vintage, suggests using them for just that! I happen to think that's a marvelous idea, they are so lovely! To me they look like something an old Hollywood movie star would have in her boudoir!

Wouldn't your favorite coffee table book look stunning on this ornate brass stand? Maybe opened up to a old movie still "close up" of your favorite silver screen actress and placed on your vanity! Talk about using books as art in your home! You can get this and other fun stuff from

Speaking of decorating your home...what about this grand, hand carved biblioteque for your most precious and special books. This one just calls out to me, as does the other fabulous items in the shop called Peter and Grove.

I grew up in a mid-century modern home with a teak wall unit for bookshelves from Denmark very similar to this one. My parents still have it and the bar, coffee table, end tables and dining room set to match. You know what? The wood is prettier now than it was then, because they took special care of it. It is such a hoot to me that this stuff is so hot in home interiors now, but you can see why. Learn more about it from Designer Madness.

Whew! I haven't even gotten to all the great books available to share with you out there! I guess that's for another post. Now let's start with a little dusting of those shelves...

--Lee Ann

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn's Arrival!

It's finally here! Fall's first official day for 2010! I don't know about you, but I am so ready to do some fall clean up in my closet, my house, my life! I love how the color of everything is starting to change just a little...

...from summer pinks to jolts of yummy oranges, persimmons and pumpkins!

The flowers and leaves change into golden and burnt sienna, and all this makes me want to regroup, think about fall festivities and the anticipation of what's to come! Even a trip to the grocery store looks and smells different than just a few weeks ago. Gone are the watermelons and cantaloupes up front, to squashes, cinnamon brooms and baking supplies, not to mention the Halloween candy we always buy way too early, only to gobble it up ourselves and having to buy more for the little ghouls who show up at our door!

It may still be in the low 90's where we live, but I'm sooo ready...aren't you? I hope you'll be inspired to visit a few of these great vendors and start enjoying the colors of Autumn, beginning with some incredible orange surprises!

If you don't know about the wonderful Sande at The Gift Wrapped Life, you must read this divine post on regifting the beautiful Hermes gift box shown above. This lady does the most incredible wrapping of presents and just browsing her beautiful site is such a wonderful treat! Need help finding the perfect item for a special someone? She is the go-to lady, with not only wonderful merchandise that she can send for you, but also delicious wrappings and ribbons for you to purchase! Get yourself a hot cup of tea and your favorite biscotti and spend some time here for planning your holiday gift list. She also just returned from a whirlwind trip to Paris and has fun photos and stories to share. She's one of my favorites!

Another favorite blogger and seller of mine is Lynn from Paris Hotel Boutique. This talented lady has been featured and published in many magazines, online and other periodicals. She has some of the most interesting items in her online store, and I love to spend time browsing through her site and learning so much about antique items...she really does do her homework! I couldn't resist showing you this fabulous hat that pays homage to Hermes. The hatbox is super, too, from I. Magnin. I used to love getting their catalogs, especially this time of year, preparing for the holidays with the most divine party dresses!

I am LOVING this yummy wrap coat in the freshest shade of orange. Even the lining is in this beautiful shade! The grey faux fur is the perfect color complement and I can just imagine turning up the collar to keep the away the chill. Please visit The Tulip Tree and see her other amazing items!
I am so loving this crazy vinyl carry on bag! Talk about retro...yet looks so cool to carry now! This store, Dahlila Found, is quite large this seller really has a stylist eye for what is great and right on trend. Can you believe this used to be a case for an adding machine? I would so use this for travel or just carrying around all the stuff we seem to need every day.

Retro Threadz has THE coolest accessories and fashion store! These killer go-go boots are vintage 1960's and are half leather and half suede, with fun decorative detail. How fun are these?

OK, people! This is a Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, fully lined, wool dress! This could be one A-MA-ZING piece for the right fashionista. Belted, shortened, or worn open as a jacket...some lucky lady needs to do this piece justice and this season! It's from Pretty Damn Cute, and yes it is!

Wow! Be prepared to spend some time at Fabulous Facets! These people are not messing around when they say they specialize in unusual vintage and estate jewelry! This to-die-for brooch is by the great Kenneth Jay Lane, who did (and does) the best costume pieces for the rich and famous. The Duchess of Windsor, Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren are all fashion icons who could afford any jewelry they wanted...but these style makers wanted KJL! This is another site to learn lots and spend a worthwhile time enjoying! DE-VINE!

Until the weather really turns crisp and cool, you might want just a lightweight trench to throw on with your jeans and casual top, like this great London Fog classic trench coat. Don't you love how some things just never go out of style? From Stiletto Girl.

You could jazz up the trench and jeans with a wonderful vintage statement making necklace, like this "Now This Is Fall" look from Oh Two Vintage. You gotta love a girl whose store motto is "Rescuing Vintage One Piece At A Time"!

These groovy earrings are from another huge store called Vintage Eye Fashion! Notice the gold chains from which the hoops dangle. With all the coral colors being shown at New York Fashion Week, it looks like they would be right on trend for next spring and summer, too!

I just could not leave out this orange beaded purse from Basya Berkman! Don't you think this would be a great evening bag...just for fun!

Ok, maybe this obi sash is a little difficult to wear, but what a great shot of color for your home! I love Asian influence in interiors and this could be just the jolt of color your room needs, from Global Texture.

You could always add a fun retro tripod lamp from Mary Had A Little Lamp! Too cute! She even suggests using this piece in a child's room.

Boy, does this item bring back memories. I still love to fondue occasionally, and what a delightful evening to invite a few friends over for dinner and great conversation on a brisk Fall night! Very romantic, too! This bold one is from Avenue J.

How about these hip canisters to brighten a corner in your kitchen. This time of year always makes me want to cook and bake, and these, available from Retroburgh, would just enhance the mood and make cooking tasks more enjoyable.

So long as you are cooking and having friends over for fondue, why not just bring out this vintage punch set for some apple cider. This is from the 1940's and has all twelve glasses and the bowl stand still with it. Visit Stellaranae to see more about it.

You could serve your fondue sauces in this bright nesting bowls with gold leaf designs. These are offered from Vintage NH.

If you are crafty and talented like my sweetie, you might want to spend chilly evenings at home making your own jewelry from beautiful coral colored glass beads from Black Star Beads. These are German from the 1950's.

Gotta run! I've got a fondue party to plan!
Lee Ann