Thursday, February 24, 2011



...the lucky winner of the vintage french label giveaway from Simply French Vintage!

Rebekah from Cupcake Caramel!

Rebekah said she would like to make these into thank you cards, use some for artwork in her kitchen, and share a few with a French friend who is an avid gardener. With 72 labels to work with, she will be able to do a little of all three ideas!

If you haven't found Rebekah's thoughtful and fun blog on living the divine life, I hope you'll take the time to stop by and meet her. You'll especially enjoy some of her regular series posts; "French Friday", where she shares with us how she celebrates the end of the week by embracing her inner French girl, as well as her "Chic Sightings" in which she reports back to her readers on stylish, everyday women she encounters with in-depth descriptions and observations about what actually made them, well, Chic. Her blog is an insightful, grown-up look at how we can all live our lives with just a little more purpose and dignity by living well, and just when you think she is getting a little serious, she will have you rolling out of your chair with laughter. Anyway, go check her out and let her know by saying hello.

(Vintage Magazine from Simply French Vintage...these are so cool!)

And thank you to Simply French Vintage
for your kind gesture of offering the lovely prize! I love meeting new people with similar interests , and I'm so flattered you have taken the time to check out my blog and shared so much interesting information about yourself.
You truely are so sweet and I hope my little blog has brought new shoppers into your wonderful stores!

Here's To Making New Friends!

--Lee Ann

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Anonymous said...

Merci, Lee Ann!!! (I've been out of internet connectivity for a few days - torture)

My email address is my blog's title at gmail. I'll give you my mailing address there.

I'll take pictures of the labels and show you my creativity in action!