Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Dressing Room Glamour!

(Photo Source Unknown)

Here's another dressing room/ closet I thought I would share! These rooms, because they are private, could and should be little havens for their owners, don't you agree? Like a little jewel box of a room, it can be any dreamlike space you can imagine. How nice to be able to have an easy chair to sit and contemplate the day and admire your couture collection! I beleive this might be Miley Cyrus' closet, not sure if anyone knows...but what fun for a few delicious ideas, huh?

These dazzling vintage chandelier lamps have been updated with a shot of hot pink for fun! Wouldn't they be charming on each end of a pretty dressing table? You must visit the coolest etsy store to see lots of outrageous glamour...Fabulous Mess!

Here are some great, cast iron stair steps that would be functional for a library, a plant stand or for our purposes, either displaying your most beautiful shoes or just to reach a top shelf to retrieve your favorite cashmere sweater! How much fun are these?! From Camelot Fairies.

Hound tooth has been a favorite pattern of mine since my Mother surprised me with the most adorable Mother-Daughter matching skirts for my birthday as a young girl. Although our skirts were of a yummy burgundy and ivory, this is the classic black and white in the most darling little cosmetic storage bag. It's even lined in hot pink! Available from The Turnip Truck.

I went nuts over this vintage lingerie bag from Eliz1017 on etsy. It's a perfect place for protecting your delicate hand washable items and even has an attached hanger. Too cute!

I can imagine this cute piece to display your pretty perfume bottles or nail polish. It was a store display item that is just waiting for new life and I think a sassy dressing area is the perfect place for it, don't you? You can purchase it from Pink Chic Boutique.

As always, colorful wig and hat boxes are so versatile for about packing your out of season swimsuits here? Crashnbrn53 has this pink and gold vintage 1940's box that would be ideal!

Make Your Closet Pretty Today!

--Lee Ann


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

LEE ANN! YOWSERS, what a fabulous blog you have! SO FRENCH! ANd being a French teacher, of course I just drool over anything with a French touch. What a wonderful story of your high school sweetheart calling! There is something special in that young matter how old we get, a tickle comes to our hearts from those memories. GROW YOUNG! Please come any time. Anita

Anonymous said...

Oh, if only I had a dressing room....sigh! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design! I am now your newest follower! xo

High Heeled Life said...

HI there I came over for a visit from Castles Crowns and Cottages .. and am so happy I did. You have a gorgeous corner of blogland!

I'm your newest follower and now going to check out your ETSY shop...

Wishing you all the best! HHL

à la parisienne said...

It seems that black and white houndstooth and any form of red or pink is the perfect combination!
I love that pink hatbox!

It looks like we have so much in common!

Happy New Year!