Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

The lovely gift left by Mother Nature on Christmas Day of a snowy blanket of white is still with us today! The warm sun is doing it's best to melt what is left on our lawns, and the job should be complete in just a few hours. Although many other parts of the country are in the thick of it all right now, we seem to be finished with what ever we were going to get in this round, and if we are lucky, it will be all we get this season. Probably wishful thinking, even though we don't usually get more than one or two snowfalls a year in our part of the South anyway!

There is something so romantic about a light snowfall like the one we received...just makes me want to curl up in front of the fireplace and enjoy a quiet evening with my sweetie...and a few other cozy things I found today! So put on your favorite fuzzy socks, sit back and enjoy!

Isn't this vintage handmade bolero the perfect little thing to throw over your shoulders? I love the idea of something other than a scarf or bulky sweater over a bare top for a dinner for two. We love to do piping hot clam chowder served in bread bowls with a salad and a bottle of wine for a winter supper, and this is the perfect sexy sweater to wear for just such an occasion, don't you think? From The Bag Basement. This seller has a huge etsy store with terrific prices on a whole lot of fun accessories!

How about finishing up the dinner with homemade hot chocolate served in this Bavarian set decorated with silver roses on a translucent white background? This set is from the 1920's or 30's, and is just as lovely today. Although it's a service for 12 originally from a New York estate, there's no reason not to use it to make even a weeknight at home special. From Magpie Treasure.

This wonderful heirloom quality bedspread is so pretty with its hobnail chenille's double size is great for wrapping up on the sofa together on long, cold winter nights. It's from Great2bme on etsy.

Even this little snow owl wants to come in from the cold! Made of porcelain, this cute little guy is perched on a branch and would be a wonderful addition to your home this winter. I love his sweet expression...he's from Red Truck Designs.

I always love a winter scene, and this icy landscape was captured by artist Doris Rohr, a California Plein Air artist who was born in 1896. This canvas on board piece has such pretty can find out more from Spruced Roost.

A girl has to always be prepared for the electricity going out, and this canister style oil or kerosene lamp it so adorable with it's wintry snow scene front! It's an estate piece from the early 1900's and available through Mayberry General Store. Who wouldn't look ravishing in that light?!

Although these vintage snow shoes are the real thing, I think they would be so great as an art piece on the wall in a man's office or family game room. Even leaning against a fireplace would be charming! You can learn all about them through Vintage A Mania.

Finally, I couldn't resist including these really incredible handmade soft sculpture dolls. Made by artist Linda Watts in the 1980's, this "cool" couple still has the original hanging tags explaining all about Ice Kingdom "Ice People". With their glamorous costumes, you don't have to be a little girl to appreciate these dolls. They are available through Uncommon Eye, a seller that specializes in vintage and mid-century modern collectibles and other unique items. You'll have lots of fun browsing this shop!

Be A Snow Bunny Tonight!

--Lee Ann

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