Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday Planner #6

Host a Handbag Swap!

Now, some friends get together during the holidays to do a cookie swap. You know, you invite 11 friends, everyone brings 12 dozen Christmas cookies, everyone swaps a dozen at a time, so you get to take home 12 dozen different, Barefoot Contessa beautiful, Paula Deen delicious, and Martha Stewart packaged, cookies!

Well, not my group of girlfriends! OK, we might serve cookies, but they will be in fun shapes of shoes, purses, rings. Oh, yeah. And there's cocktails! We are much more into fun friend had a scarf swap last year, and you could do any theme...earrings, fragrance,wine...whatever. Wouldn't a handbag swap be fun! Let's see...what could we bring...

How about this lovely Louis Vuitton bucket bag from Louise 49. Tell me, who doesn't love a good Louis...and this one is so functional, too! Did you know these were first made to carry champagne bottles...hmmmm!

I love this fur trimmed suede Chanel. I will own a Chanel bag one day, I say! This one is from Bearly Art Treasures. This would be so great with all the fur this season!

This cute Gucci from Annie Bear Vintage is another functional, but great looking bag, don't you think? I love the real bamboo handle and toggles!

Ms Rice n Beans offers this croc bag from Dior. It's vintage 1970's. Cute!

Plan a Fun Holiday Swap Party!
--Lee Ann

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Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour Lee ann!
Thank you for visiting my blog. A cookie swap would be so much fun! Wishing you a lovely weekend!
xoxo, B