Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday Planner #5

Golden Glitter!

(Photo via The Bottom of the Ironing Basket)

I couldn't resist sharing a few really great things I found today, all glittered and gold! Even a simple black cashmere sweater and pencil skirt are turned into the perfect holiday look with these sparkling items accessorizing them!

Many years ago, a fabulous fashion maven I admired taught me to wear my brooches high on my shoulder to "light up my face", she said. This one would be equally lovely pinned to an evening bag or highlighting a sash at the waist. From Abigail Prada.

I own several evening bags that my mother carried in the 1960's, and I still use them today. This one, from Bettys World 4U, is encrusted with sequins and beads and would make an excellent "go-to" bag for almost any dressy occasion.

Huge cocktail rings are so hot right now, and you wouldn't want to go through the holidays without a smashing one like this one from Kiamichi7.

This item is just a real's not only a beautiful powder compact purchased in Paris in the 1950's, but the real surprise comes when you open the lid! It is actually a music box inside! Wow! Talk about special! It's available on etsy from Tracy Burton 1009.

Get Ready to Shine This Holiday Season!

--Lee Ann

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what a lovely collection! Thank you very much for selecting my compact! All the best!