Monday, October 11, 2010

Christina's Closet!

Looking for a little glam closet inspiration? Here is Christina Aguilera in hers...this used to be Kelly's bedroom when the Osborne's owned the home. If you don't have a whole room to spare for your Louis' and Louboutins, you can still add a few of the touches of fun from this ultimate girls paradise!

Some padded hangers in the girliest shade of pink for all your pretty blouses and dresses not only look nice, but help protect all your favorite couture collectibles. From RoseBud 60.

When choosing functional storage containers, why not select something a little retro like this vinyl covered hat tote. From the 60's, from Vintage Fan Attic, is perfect for not just hats, but scarves or other small items. I believe every room should have even the smallest touch of animal print, and a lovely closet is no exception!


If you have the space, you might consider a small furniture piece. With roomy storage inside, the top is an ideal spot to place accessories and undergarments while you dress. Available from Poppy Cottage.

Although Christina's mannequin looks like it's more for fun than anything, this sculptural piece would be so cool to hang some of your necklaces on. You can get this item from Vonlenska Vintage on Etsy.

A girl has to have something to wear while she's getting ready, right? I found this stunning, floor length leopard print robe from Vintageous, who has a huge store to get lost in with all it's fabulous vintage collectibles. You may never want to actually get dressed while wearing this luscious piece!

And, of course you need these slightly naughty, marabou trimmed, boudoir slippers to match, from 502 Vintage. You just can't have a bad day in these, even if it means staying home and cleaning out your closet!

Be Glamorously Organized Today!

--Lee Ann


A La Mode et Plus! said...

Would love a closet like that! Mine is in dire need or reorganization!

The Girl in the Dirty Shirt said...

yay! i'm in a post with christina! so cool! thanks!! <3

Mary Jane said...

Now that's a closet! I really enjoyed your blog post, loving all those the leopard prints!

Poppy Cottage said...

Thanks for the blog the hot pink and leopard!!!

Poppy Cottage