Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beautiful Brides!

After many years in the wedding and special occasion business, I still can't resist really beautiful bridal items that I run across. This photo of actress Ida Lupino from 1936 is just so charming, I had to share it with you. Don't you love how her pretty little ruffle frames her face like an angelic halo...and it cascades completely down the length of the veil encircling the delicate embroidery at the bottom!

( Photo via My Vintage Vogue)

Now take a look at this lovely antique Brussels lace bridal veil from Antique Lace Heirlooms in England. This is truly a piece to hand down from generation to generation with its hand worked flowers, scrolls and leaves. She has a small but beautiful etsy store with magnificent items, including the most charming flapper rhinestone headband for the unique and stylish bride.

Wear A Little Lace Today!

--Lee Ann

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BonjourRomance said...

Very beautful! Is it my imagination of dis they do everything better then?
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you and your family a Happy Nex Year!