Friday, December 31, 2010

Three Lovely Things!

I've always been partial to images of women, especially when it is a group of three. I think it always reminds me of my Mother and her two older sisters. I have a file for just these "Three Muses" kind of images, and somewhere I found this one which is a kind of a 1950's fashion-y version of John Singer Sargent's Wyndham Sisters. I think they are just divine, don't you?

Here are three more lovely things I found to share. Hope you like them, too!

From Vintage Flowers is this exquisite bridal hankie embroidered with the most intricate flowers and cut work. Sewn on the sheerest cotton batiste, this turn of the century treasure would also be wonderful in a beautiful frame.

This stunning French rose gold cross is highlighted by the the prettiest seed pearl embellishments. It's from about 1880, and would still look wonderful today on a delicate chain or a length of satin ribbon. From Paisley Rae.

My Mom and her sisters were raised in a small farm town in Kansas where smiling sunflowers dot the fields and gardens; no wonder it is the state flower. They also decorate this Victorian quadruple plated soup tureen, along with other floral motifs. What a lovely way to serve your guests at dinner or just use for a magnificent flower arrangement. Either way, it is a showstopper from Magpie Antiques.

Have a Lovely Day!

--Lee Ann

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