Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rose Red!

Who doesn't love the intensity of the deepest rose red...the velvety texture of the scarlet petals against the creamiest of complexions...the mystery of the darkest of hair against the boldness of the bloom itself...

Fluffy Pink Bunnies offers this amazing vintage 1950's velvet party dress with stunning twisted satin rosette details. I love the color combination on this's sexy but still a little girlie. It would be a perfect little cocktail dress for a work function, attending a wedding, or just something special for a dinner with your Valentine sweetie!

These fabulous pumps will dress up any outfit with their exploding blossoms embellishing their black mesh backgrounds. Now these are some sexy shoes, ladies! From Needs Good Home.

So ladylike is this charming French evening bag made of black satin and decorated with the loveliest red rose even has a little lipstick and compact pocket inside! Available through The Dusty Dog.

These handmade earrings from the 1950's-60's are really unique and special pieces. Made from shells that have been dyed red, each one has a sparkling rhinestone center to light up your face with just the right bit of glitz! Although the seller is The Pattern Shop, don't let the name fool you...she has lots of other wonderful things to offer that are just delightful!

Buy Yourself a Single Red Rose Today!

--Lee Ann


Your Pattern Shop said...

Hi Lee Ann,

Thank you for featuring my earrings on your blog! I love all these items that you have picked for your blog today! This would make stunning outfit with all the great accessories for a Valentines Day evening out on the town!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

fancylinda said...

I love the shoes!

Marie Arden said...

Love love the dress and accessories. White Cat got a pink double faced satin bow last Christmas from me. But she doesn't wear it outside. My Charlotte loves all her big fluffy organza and satin ribbon bows too.
Marie Arden