Monday, September 27, 2010

New Series Post: Furniture and Fashion #1

There's nothing I love more than these two things! In this series of posts, I wanted to combine my passion for these favorites by showing how these two industries make use of the other to show off their merchandise. These images create moods that can transport the onlooker to other places, other dimensions! There is nothing that shows off haute couture like a glamorous backdrop of a classic fine interior. Furniture and Fashion just go together like...well, like Audrey and Tiffany's. Like strawberries and champagne. Like red roses and love.

(Photo via The Paris Apartment)

This amazing gown is from Dior's Couture collection several seasons ago. It's origami-inspired bodice sits atop a full ball skirt with a train made of yards and yards of tulle. It's such an over-the-top piece of art that it looks almost in scale to this giant Louis chair! Although this is a larger than life photo, it really works to show off the dream-like image.This picture makes my heart beat just a little bit faster!

You can star in your own fabulous fashion shoot with items from these sellers:

13 Bees offers this stunning gown from the 1950's. The strapless bodice is embellished with embroidery highlighted by silver beads, and the skirt is make of layers of gathered tulle.

Then go check out this incredible vintage Louis XVI chair from Claudia at The Paris Apartment. It is covered in the most delicious french blue velvet. And the best's one of a pair!

In love with these!

--Lee Ann

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