Monday, February 22, 2010

Bon Jour!

After many years of living other peoples dreams, I've finally decided to live my own life! Too many years of the corporate retail rat race almost ate me alive until I decided to take a few risks and jump into this life with both feet and a whole lot of love and faith! Through this blog, I hope to build my business, cultivate new friendships, and make a real difference in this big, crazy word, all while letting those most precious to me know how much I love them.
I've always loved being around beautiful things. Some of my earliest memories are digging through my Grandma Sadie's (lot's more about her later...that's her picture at the top of this blog) jewelry box while she let me wear one of her old red cocktail dresses. One swish of that box-pleated skirt and I knew taffeta was for me! Although none of my family had a whole lot of money, I always knew that there was a whole world of beauty, and music, and books,and...and...and...that could take me somewhere else in my little daydreaming mind.
Afterwords, in my grown up life of dressing our towns wealthiest ladies, pageant winners, and more brides than I care to count, I realized how important creating beauty for others was to me.
I saw how the smallest detail could change how a person thought about themselves and take them to another place, just like it did for me as a child. Unfortunately, sometimes I was so busy trying to create those places for them, I was cheating myself of those moments.
Fast forward again to about three years ago when the love of my life somehow reappeared after 28 years (lot's more on that later, too) and job losses forced me to ask myself how I really wanted to live. I knew that creating bits of lovliness in our daily lives not only brings joy to others, but I knew it could also be a way to eke out a living! Could it be that I could do the things I love and pay the bills? Well, ok, sometimes that last part about the bills is still questionable, but I'm having the time of my life!
Just a few things about the products we sell...almost everything is made by us, repurposed, recyled or just "glammed" up. We hope you visit our Etsy store, and we will keep you posted on all upcoming shows we participate in. Please feel free to leave comments or email me with questions or anything you'd like to share. I look forward to hearing from you all!
I beleive every life is a novel waiting to be written and I hope you'll enjoy reading mine.

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